Confidential Cleaning 

So good, it should be a secret... 


Residential Cleaning 
General Home Cleaning and Deep Cleaning


Living and Sleeping Areas-
*Wipe door handles and light switches
*Trash emptied and changed 
*Prominent areas cleaned, dusted and wiped
*Mirrors cleaned
*Furniture cleaned, dusted and wiped
*Floors swept, mopped or vacuumed
*Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces

Kitchen Area
*Wipe door handles and light switches
*Trash emptied and changed 
*Sinks cleaned and sanitized
*Floors mopped and/or vacuumed 
*Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces
*Cabinet surfaces and appliances cleaned
*Countertops cleaned

Bathroom Area
*Wipe door handles and light switches
*Vanity and sink cleaned 
*Trash removed and changed 
*Showers cleaned and sanitized 
*Mirrors and fixtures cleaned 
*Floors mopped and sanitized 
*Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces

Commercial Cleaning 

Office and Buildings

General Office Cleaning
*Empty waste baskets and replace bags 
*Vacuum carpets, mats and floors
*Dust and wipe desks, chairs, tables and additional furniture
*Lightly disinfect all acceptable surfaces
*Mop floors with disinfectant 
*Remove dust from surrounding areas
*Polish and clean glass, doors and cabinets 
*Lightly clean walls and other surfaces
*Collect all garbage, documents and miscellaneous items
*Thoroughly clean all work spaces

Restroom, Lunch and Break
*Restock inventory (tissue, towels and soap)
*Empty waste baskets and replace bags
*Wipe and dust mirrors
*Wipe dispensers and dryers
*Wipe and sanitize doors and basins
*Wipe, dust and clean mirrors and frames
*Sweep and mop restroom and kitchen floors
*Remove and recycle garbage 
*Polish and clean work areas
*Vacuum and mop floors 

Real Estate and Realtors 

Rental Property
Foreclosed Homes

*Debris removal
*Furniture removal
*Interior cleaning
*Exterior cleaning
*Interior painting
*Exterior painting

Special Events

Public and Private Venues

*Special Occasion Cleaning
*Party Preparation
*Post Party Cleanup
*Holiday Cleaning
*Move In/Out Cleaning
*Deep Green Cleaning
(All eco friendly and green products)